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Nice 'n' Simple

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Bowling Green, OH, United States
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Cute Twilight Themed Hair Bows!

I have quite a few sets of Twilight pins and I had some extras around and thought "What can I do with these?" I decided to make some hair bows. I made the bows from scratch by using fabric (the only black fabric I had was an old shirt, so I cut it up), ribbon, a hair clip and my trusty glue gun. I then added the pins (and in the apple's case, a regular stray button), let the glue dry and they were ready to pop on. :)



Simple Bows

Simple Bows

Quick and easy to make fabric bows.

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Wire Dread Beads

Wire Dread Beads


♥ 27
Hair Chain

Hair Chain


♥ 17
Leather Hair Corset

Leather Hair Corset

An easy to make hair accessory that rocks

♥ 38
Daisy(Girl Scout) Headband

Daisy(Girl Scout) Headband

Crochet daisy headband/earwarmer because its chilly during cookie booths :P

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