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Indianapolis, Indiana, United States
Square small two tone pants 7
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I have a feeling there is a cowboy somewhere cringing at what I've done to some awesome boots. ;)

Not gonna lie, it was painful and tedious to make these but I have been looking for cowboy boots forever and these are definitely my favorite shoes now. And the fact that I worked so hard for them makes me believe that I will be wearing them when I am an old lady. :)



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  1. How to make a pair of cowboy boots. Turquoise Beaded Cowboy Boots - Step 1 1

    The overall concept of this project is quite easy, its like a coloring book except the pages are boots and the crayons are beads. I just followed the stitching of the boots and filled in the stitching with beads. I tied knots along the way to make them stay in place in case some get snagged.

  2. How to make a pair of cowboy boots. Turquoise Beaded Cowboy Boots - Step 2 2

    I LOVE turquoise.

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