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T-shirt reconstruction but with style

I wanted to make something a little different, but very easy to do. You can find how to attach sleeves from "Generation-T" or That 99 ways to trim, cut.....your shirt. The buttons on the neck (?) are optional.


  1. How to make a turtleneck top. T Shirt Turtleneck - Step 1 1

    cut off collar and sleaves, but leave the seams in. grab the different colored shirt (I used a stripped one) and cutt off the sleeves and half the bottom shirt. The bottom shirt will be your collar. So adjust it to be comfortable around your neck.

  2. How to make a turtleneck top. T Shirt Turtleneck - Step 2 2

    Pinn everything together. With the sleeves I used the inside seams and pinned them to the sleeve.

  3. How to make a turtleneck top. T Shirt Turtleneck - Step 3 3

    Sew everything and don't be afraid to stop every now and then to check how it feels. One more thing for the collar (& this is what I did) sew it in but cut a slit down the middle.

  4. How to make a turtleneck top. T Shirt Turtleneck - Step 4 4

    After you are done sewing...
    (I had to hand-sew so it took me a hella long time...those with sewing machines and know how to use it are very lucky >3<)
    ...take the slit on the turtle neck and place buttons..and then create button holes. Then you're done....if you've done things accordingly thenyou have a cool turtleneck that really doesn't have to be a tutrleneck...? Oh well if you have comments please tell me. )I like hearing from you all....*0*)

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Glenda A.
Glenda A.

Thank you for this idea and for putting my brain in gear. I will definitely be trying the turtleneck, but am thinking about this technique for adding on sides or bottom.

Fruity Kiwi
Fruity Kiwi · Salina, Kansas, US · 4 projects

very groovy hun!

Crafthazard · San Diego, California, US · 15 projects

nice fabric and shirt. very punk- princess! exactly my style!lol

Glenda A.
Glenda A.

Think this is a really clever idea-Thanks!


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