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Version This project is a version of Tribal Bellydance Top by Sayape

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Pretty Easy

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Mainz, Rhineland-Palatinate, DE
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Based on Tribal Bellydance Top by Sayape

I tried this and was really happy that it worked out so well! Used a pair of tights I never wear with leopard print. Thx to Sayape for the Instructions!



Tribal Bellydance Top

Tribal Bellydance Top

Tribal Fusion Bellydance Top made from old tights

♥ 152
Drawstring Crop Top

Drawstring Crop Top

Cute top for those hot summer days!

♥ 3
Floral Button Crop Top

Floral Button Crop Top

A beautiful top that works well with high-waisted bottoms.

♥ 2
Kaonashi T Shirt

Kaonashi T Shirt

No-Face (カオナシ kaonashi, lit. "faceless") is an odd and lonely spirit introduced in the Japanese animated film Spirited Away.

♥ 51
Cropped Sports Top

Cropped Sports Top

Simple crop top in stretch material

♥ 5
Nyc Crop Top Tutorial;

Nyc Crop Top Tutorial;

A simple tutorial on how to transform a t shirt into a crop top, also with an added section on cutting the sleeves right off for a more edgy look. Can be done with any t shirt.

♥ 12



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