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Pretty Easy

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, , Canada
Square small pig
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Cute little alien plushies the length of your thumb.

I wanted to make cute little simple plushies and I decided to make small colourful ones. Because they're small (and I was feeling lazy) I gave them one big eye instead of two. I decided to decorate them all in a different way and now I love them.

I imagine the green one's name is Gustavo and he has a big moustache. The little yellow girl's name is Ally and she has her own little blue overall dress. The dark blue guy is extra tall and his name is Jimmy (he wears a tie because he's fancy like that) and the little light blue girl's name is Carol. She's wearing a black V-neck sweater... The only way to tell the girls are guys apart is by looking at their little embroidered eyelashes.

Sorry about the bad picture quality... I had to use my laptop cam and hold them on a throw pillow. hahaha



Pompom Aliens

Pompom Aliens

Easy, but so cute

♥ 2
Baby Mike Wazowski

Baby Mike Wazowski

miky wiky

♥ 3
Plush Beholder

Plush Beholder

A stuffed toy for your favourite gaming geek

♥ 2
Project Cac: Cute Alien Creatures

Project Cac: Cute Alien Creatures

Every CAC 's dream is to take over the world with cuteness....:)

♥ 53
Crocheted Brain Slug

Crocheted Brain Slug

It's time to switch to a garlic shampoo! ;P

♥ 5
Anime Cute Felt Alien

Anime Cute Felt Alien

Cute feltie character

♥ 30



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