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A time capsule for my boyfriend and my first anniversary.

I thought this would be a fun tradition for my boyfriend and I to start on our 1 year anniversary. There are lots of variations of this that you could do.



  1. How to make a box. Time Capsule - Step 1 1

    Pick A Box:

    Find a box you want to use for your time capsule. I chose a wooden chest I found at Michael's but you can use just about anything even a shoe box.

  2. How to make a box. Time Capsule - Step 2 2

    Sand Your Box:

    If you box is wood remember to sand it to make sure there are no rough edges.

  3. How to make a box. Time Capsule - Step 3 3

    Spray Paint Your Box:

    Next Spray paint your box. Remember to get some clear spray paint to seal your box before and after you spray it with the color of your choice. Of course if you want to paint or decorate it in another way that's fine too.


  4. How to make a box. Time Capsule - Step 4 4

    Decorate Your Box:

    After it's dry you're ready to start decorating it. I chose to use a silver paint pen to draw stars and to paint over top of the box with some glitter glue I found that had blue stars in it. I also found some wooden letters at the dollar store that I colored with sharpie then glued to the front. The letters I chose are my boyfriend's and my initials.

  5. How to make a box. Time Capsule - Step 5 5

    Pick A Notebook:

    I found a cool one on sale at Target.

  6. How to make a box. Time Capsule - Step 6 6

    Make A Cover Page:

    This is optional.

  7. How to make a box. Time Capsule - Step 7 7

    Make A Title Page:

    Also optional.

  8. How to make a box. Time Capsule - Step 8 8

    Make A Picture Page:

    Again all optional.

  9. How to make a box. Time Capsule - Step 9 9

    Create Questions For Your Notebook:

    I made 10 questions, put them on index cards, and put them in an envelope. Every year we'll take out these questions and write our answers down in the notebook.

    You can do things like-

    What was your favorite place we visited this year?

    What was your favorite dish we cooked together this year?

    What songs remind you of the past year?

    What do you want to do together next year?

  10. How to make a box. Time Capsule - Step 10 10

    Answer The Questions Together:

    Here's where the 3 sharpies come into play. We wrote the question we were answering on an index card in black then glued it to the top of a page in the notebook. We'd each write our answers in our colors (I was pink he was blue) on separate index cards then we'd paste them in together and get to see each others answers.

  11. How to make a box. Time Capsule - Step 11 11

    Add 3 Things To The Time Capsule:

    You don't have to do this but I thought it was fun to put in 3 things from the past year.

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Kepi · US · 43 projects

That's a really cute idea! Aw.

Jelly Jam
Jelly Jam · US · 21 projects

great idea!!!

spright · US · 15 projects

This project made me smile. I think it's a wonderful idea and something you will cherish forever. :)


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