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Nice & Simple

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olympia, Washington, United States
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tie dyed baby blanket

i found a quilt someone made on here and loved it so much I thought it would be a great idea to make a baby blanket for my son. I have tons of tie dye around the house and my 2 month old loves to stare at it. He loves all the pretty colors and designs. So i decided to tie dye all the little squares give them a black border and start sewing. so far I only have a few blocks done. When I'm finished I'll have 12 blocks that I will give even a thicker border of black and then put a nice fuzzy black on the back of it with some batting inside. seems simple enough and so far so good. Hopefully the whole thing turns out just as good as the one I saw on here. Wish me luck.


T Shirt Blanket

T Shirt Blanket

A fun blanket made out of old tshirts!

♥ 64
Tummy Time Puff Quilts

Tummy Time Puff Quilts

Nap time in 3D!

♥ 59
Babys Patchwork Quilt :)

Babys Patchwork Quilt :)

A cute quilt to brighten bubs room and keep her warm :)

♥ 23
"Quilted" T Shirt Throw

"Quilted" T Shirt Throw

"Tie" this NO SEW project on for size!

♥ 108
How To Quilt

How To Quilt

the first step to quilting

♥ 13
Dramatic Quilt, Easy To Do!

Dramatic Quilt, Easy To Do!

simple instructions for a tricky look!

♥ 22



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