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Tuscaloosa, AL, United States
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For a painful sore throat

This stuff is great. I got a sore throat a while back and this really helped. So when my daughter got a sore throat the other day, it helped her too, even though she didn't drink a whole cup full.
It only takes one cup a day for 2 days. Well, at least for me. You will start to feel better after the first cup.





  1. How to make a tea. Throat Soothing Mint Tea - Step 1 1

    I use Celestial Seasonings tea of different varieties. I used this calming tea also for my headaches when I drank it for my throat. But you can use any tea you like. It's the warmth and medicine that does the job.

  2. How to make a tea. Throat Soothing Mint Tea - Step 2 2

    Brew tea as usual. I can't stand boiling water for tea. I use a coffee maker, and not for coffee. If it's not Starbucks Frappuccino (cold coffee) then I'm not drinking it.

  3. How to make a tea. Throat Soothing Mint Tea - Step 3 3

    Add just a drop of the Dr. Tichenor's at a time to your liking. If know nothing about this stuff, one thing is for sure, it's very potent, never use it straight. It's a minty flavor, but use no more than 1/4 tsp. I use artificial sugar, but you can use regular if you want. Again add to your liking.

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