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Holon, Tel Aviv, Israel
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My homemade Halloween decorations, because there aren't any in Israel. :-P

Halloween is essentially a non-event in Israel, but I still wanted to celebrate, so this is what I came up with.... and afterward, I definitely experienced crafty burnout. ;)

The star is based on the heather-and-twig stars posted here somewhere approximately a year ago. I can't find the project, but if it's yours, please share the link in the comments!! :)



Halloween Pumpkin Wall Decor

Halloween Pumpkin Wall Decor

GEt ready for the rainy season :)

♥ 5
Spooky Pumpkins   Vampire & Mummy

Spooky Pumpkins Vampire & Mummy

Bored of all that messy pumpkin carving? Try these spooky alternatives

♥ 2
Electrocution Pumpkin!

Electrocution Pumpkin!

Giant pumpkin + road flares + sparklers = Awesome!

♥ 0
Corpsed Pumpkin

Corpsed Pumpkin

perfect for putting candy!

♥ 0
Pumpkin Carving

Pumpkin Carving

Simple instructions for carving a pumpkin.

♥ 9
Twinkle Light Pumpkin/ Jack O' Lantern.

Twinkle Light Pumpkin/ Jack O' Lantern.

Happy Hallowe'en!

♥ 31



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