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Aurora, Illinois, US
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because we are poison.

This is a still a little bit of a work in progress. Just a couple fixes here and there, but it's pretty much done.

The first picture is the the finished product the second is what it looked like before the Venom symbol. I took more pictures, but I haven't re-located them. I'll update this when I do. Hopefully I had better lighting for those ones.

This took for freaking ever. Seriously, there was like 19 pieces on each side. That all had to be sewn back together. Ridiculous. All very carefully considering all the stitching was supposed to show through. I probably under estimated the time there on the side. I don't remember so I'm calling it 3 hrs. Considering normally it only takes me like 15-20 minutes to make a shirt, 3 hrs is forEVER.

It is surprisingly comfy with all those seams on there. Oh well I heart this shirt.



Add Side Panels To Shirts That Fit To Snug! Save Your Favorite Tees!

Add Side Panels To Shirts That Fit To Snug! Save Your Favorite Tees!

when shirts get tight add side panels & they'll fit just right!

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T Shirt To Tank Top

T Shirt To Tank Top

t shirt, tank top

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Diy Stenciled Spirited Away Tank

Diy Stenciled Spirited Away Tank

A stencil, a little fabric paint, and BAM -- Chihiro! <3

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Skank Flank Tank

Skank Flank Tank

show off your skank flank with this tank!

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Rainbow Splash Tank

Rainbow Splash Tank

Feel the rainbow waves?

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Sideless Shirt

Sideless Shirt

T-shirt into a sidless top

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