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Pretty Easy

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Seattle, Washington, United States
Square small logob 1257367214
Square small chaleco 1 1251836884
Square small infinity dress brown 1251580502
Square small vestidocruzado7 1251364724
Some of the Infinity dress possibilities

This is a very simple dress composed by one circle skirt, two large bands and a little band for the waist.

Using your imnagination you can have endless dresses just in one.

I followed these cool ntrductions from Rostitchery:


Convertible/Infinity Dress

Convertible/Infinity Dress

An awesome dress that you can wear a MILLION ways!!!

♥ 473
Leopard Print Infinity Dress

Leopard Print Infinity Dress

I've always wanted one.

♥ 3
Faith's 15 Minute Dress

Faith's 15 Minute Dress

The Most Versatile Dress You'll Ever Own!

♥ 8
Infinity Dress

Infinity Dress

A nice dress for a graduation or other occasions

♥ 6



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