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Charlotte, North Carolina, US
Diy Leather Feather Earrings
Burberry Prorsum Inspired (Faux) Fur Scarf
4 Ingredient No Bake Peanut Butter Balls
Flip Flop To Sandal Refashion
A cute little coat for Minnie. ^_^

This winter, I want to keep Minnie's hair short. So I made her a new coat to keep her warm when we're out and about. I used the sleeves of an old coat. Coral colored scraps were used for ruffles and bias tape. I also covered some shank buttons so they'd match. For the sleeves, I used the stretchy cuff part of the coat sleeves. Lastly, I used the button hole function on my machine to make a little opening for her harness to stick out.

What do you guys think? If you want a how to, let me know and I put one together.


Crocheted Greyhound Coat

Crocheted Greyhound Coat

We needed to make a coat asap for a shivering greyhound living with a homeless guy in Leeds. This was the result.

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Kill Bill Dog Costume

Kill Bill Dog Costume

Pattern: Self-drafted doggy tee

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Katie Dog Coat With Style

Katie Dog Coat With Style

Dog coat

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Paralyzed Weiner Dog Drag Bag

Paralyzed Weiner Dog Drag Bag

Our paralyzed wiener dog's recycled drag bag

♥ 12
Dog Sweater

Dog Sweater

Tuxedo style.

♥ 18
Tutu Skirt For A Dog Tshirt

Tutu Skirt For A Dog Tshirt

Miami style Pet dress

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