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My very own little hatter.

The result of a mild (*cough* serious *cough*) obsession with Alice in Wonderland. I adore Johnny Depp's rendition of the Hatter in the Tim Burton film, so I decided to doll-ify him, complete with stained fingers and embroidered trousers.


Ponyo Amigurumi

Ponyo Amigurumi

Super cute crochet Studio Ghibli Ponyo

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How To Make Curly Plushie Hair

How To Make Curly Plushie Hair

Make curly felt hair!!!

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Goddess Doll

Goddess Doll

Sewn goddess dolls

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How To Make Bendy Dolls

How To Make Bendy Dolls

Bendy Dolls

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Basic Amigurumi Human Base

Basic Amigurumi Human Base

Just the basics for you to edit as you please!

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Vicky Ninja
Vicky Ninja · Colchester, England, GB · 55 projects

I absolutely adore your choice of fabrics! You've made Burton's hatter seem as mad and (for lack of a better word) grubby as he does in the film, it's really nice to see a hatter made not to look brand new. Really well done he is gorgeous!

Emily T.
Emily T. · Farnham, England, GB · 38 projects

Thank you! I tried to make him as authentically Burton-esque as I could, why shy away from a little grubbiness I say


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