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Version This project is a version of The Doggy Bag! by Anita B.

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Everett, WA, United States
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Based on The Doggy Bag! by Anita B.

This was really easy. I just followed the shape of the bag, and re constructed it. It turned out pretty well.

Juice Pouch Tote

Juice Pouch Tote

Easy recycled tote that can be made in different sizes!

♥ 6
♥kawaii And Quirky Pocky Bag♥

♥kawaii And Quirky Pocky Bag♥

A cute and kawaii bag good enough to eat!

♥ 174
Plastic Bag

Plastic Bag

a plastic bag made of plastic bags

♥ 9
The Doggy Bag!

The Doggy Bag!

Turn a dog food bag in to a tote.

♥ 83
Pet Screen Tote Bag

Pet Screen Tote Bag

This tote was made with Pet screen from the hardware store. There great to use for the beach with 6 outside pockets, machine washable, and very sturdy.

♥ 11
Apron Into Bag

Apron Into Bag

convert an artist apron from the dollar store into a cute summer ruffled tote bag!

♥ 26



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