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Craft Projects tagged People

How To Make Your Hair Wavy With Just A Hairbrush just I minute without heat!

♥ 23
Spine Cut Vest   No Sew

no-sew spine cut style vest

♥ 26
Bracelet Clutch

♥ 2
Holder For Visiting Cards

holder for visiting/mini cards in simple steps

♥ 5
Sparkly Eyes!

my daily sliver sparkly eyes(:

♥ 2
Nightmare Before Christmas Inspired Charm/Pendant

small Tim Burton themed charm made from Fimo clay

♥ 37
Hunger Games Inspired Archery Pendant

Hunger Games inspired Archery pendant

♥ 8
Vinyl Record Bag Step By Step

Awesome, eye-catching, unique. Just like you.

♥ 65
Paper Collage

♥ 2
Chibi Plushie Tutorial

How to make adorable, personalized chibi plushies ^-^

♥ 22
Lady Now And Then

♥ 0
Miss Chic

♥ 3
Bittersweet Fairy

50 shades of pink

♥ 13
Diy Horror+Ice Cream= I Scream Tank Top

Make everyone scream with this horrific ice-cream!

♥ 4
9 Mats Into A Rug!

♥ 4
 Cat Ears   Headband

♥ 4
Gothic Bunny Ears

♥ 9
Basket From Soda Bottle!

its very easy to make a cute basket from plastic bottle!!

♥ 12
David Bowie Bookmark

♥ 7
Cooking With Kim

This will bring em back to the table

♥ 1
Mini Envelope Message Board!

A cute and unique way to send messages to others!

♥ 1
Pink Pixie Bold Eyebrows:

A girly girl look that can be adapted for day, night or a date :-)

♥ 0
Bow Hair Tie

♥ 7
Tomb Raider Gun Holster

Easy to make gun holsters!

♥ 58
Vintage Satchel

♥ 13
Upcycled Dress

♥ 14
Make Your Own Comic Pouch

DIY: comic money pouch in very easy steps....

♥ 6
Flex Flops From Pizza Box And Cloth Bags

easy to make flex flop sandals...

♥ 5
Dark Light   Him  Inspired Makeup Look

Eye make-up inspired by the album artwork from Dark Light by HIM

♥ 17
The Hunger Games   Mocking Jay

pendant hunger games mockingjay bird black pin necklace

♥ 25
Homemade Lip Balm

how to make lip balm at home

♥ 5
Add Unique Lighting To A Room

Use two simple and cheap objects to amplify a room.

♥ 12
Butterflies...<3 <3

they look great at night!!!!!!

♥ 3
Darth Maul Painting :)

♥ 0
Dino Hood

♥ 4
Princess Dresses

♥ 6
Simple Bow Top

♥ 1
Spring Customized Pendant

Watch my Video Tutorial :) (link in the first step)

♥ 4
The 'A' Braid!

A new braid that will sweep the world of fashion!

♥ 4
Seashell Jewelry

make your own gold mermaid in the ocean inspired jewelry in less than 30 mins!

♥ 21
Simple Midi/Knuckle Rings Diy

quick and easy for all the people out there that love simple.

♥ 42
Diy Floral Snapback Hat

love floral print? take it up a level with this 3D flower snapback

♥ 21
Geometric Jewelry: Triangle Earrings

so colorful!

♥ 12
Drawing As A Gift

♥ 0

♥ 1
Winged Shoes

♥ 7
Zig Zag Wire Headband

easy to make cool to wear :)

♥ 4
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