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Craft Projects tagged People

Sun Ray

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2 Tear Cream Cake

♥ 0
Ribbon Flowers

♥ 1
Baby Girl Blessing Jar

Handmade Blessing Jars

♥ 1
Diy Jewel Word Decoration With Photos!

Decorate a cute word to jazz up your bedroom!

♥ 1
Valentine Day Plushies

Plushies for my boyfriend.

♥ 5
Bright Rockabilly Dress

♥ 5
American Flag Shorts

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It Crowd Cross Stitch

♥ 12
Picnic Set

♥ 2
Baking Soda And Vinegar "Painting"

Put science and art together and what do you get? A super fun and easy project for your little ones to keep them busy on a rainy day

♥ 3
Bleached Lyric Sneakers

Put a Song in Your Steps!

♥ 2
Rocky Mountain Fudge Ice Cream

Cooking,Ice Cream, Fast, Easy

♥ 3

♥ 2
Skinny Jeans


♥ 5

♥ 7
Hair Bow And Bow Belt

How to make a hair bow and belt.

♥ 49
2 Dimentional Lips

inspired by stylist magazine

♥ 2
Chequered Eyeshadow

simple way to use 2 eyeshadows

♥ 2
Felt Minion Plush

♥ 10
Ribbon Crystal Choker

♥ 0
Homemade Choco Pie :D

easy and quick homemade chocopie..

♥ 1
 Grunge/Steampunk Cardigans

Refashion cardigans from leggings.

♥ 6
Summer Watermelon Tank Top

easy dye tank top

♥ 41
Flower Garland Straw Hat
Hats >

♥ 0
Homemade Shower Gel

a few steps to convert soap into a shower gel

♥ 5
Sparkle Shoes

♥ 3
Necklace From Old Earrings

For all the single dangly earrings.

♥ 4
Satin Ribbon Jewelry

♥ 0
Yashodha Krishna

♥ 2
Racing Stripe Nails

I just came up with this one, off the top of my head.

♥ 0
Nautical Romper

Ahoy Matey

♥ 20
Marvel Style Crafterella

♥ 2
Radiated Pasta

♥ 0
Elegant Lace Bookmark

Finally, a knitted bookmark that doesn't curl and is a beautiful addition to any book!

♥ 3
Clutch Purse From Cardboard!!!!

learn how to make your own clutch from a semi or thin cardboard!!!!!! yeah seriously its homemade :p

♥ 11
Half Hand Yo Glove

skin tight rockstars like cool chained glove :p

♥ 13
Diy Childrens Chair

Decoupage tissue paper chair

♥ 1
Despicable Me Minions Nail Art


♥ 21
Fabulous One Direction Diy Journal

Have you ever been to Claires and totally fangirled when you saw the 1d merch? And then bawled your eyes out because an impossibly cheap notebook with their glorious faces was RIDICULOUSLY expensive?!?!?!?! Well I've had enough. So thats why i decided to make my own 1d merchandise! Today I'll show you how to make a DIY 1d journal :)

♥ 3
Candle Holders

♥ 1
Rainbow Wrist Cuff

Funky festival Rainbow Wrist Cuff, wow what a mouth full!

♥ 5
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