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Craft Projects tagged Kawaii

Diy Rings In Bow Pattern And Candy Color

DIY rings is a fancy thing to do when you are at leisure and want to find something to engage in. making jewelry at home is a fairly good choice.

♥ 14
Floral & Spikes Heaband

A edgy & cute headband to make

♥ 15
Diy Hair Pins By Using Shrinky Dink

These diy hair pins are inspired by the cool arrow patterns. And besides this, about the materials we make use of, the magical Shrinky Dink. It is definitely a piece of easy-to-follow and quick-to-finished handmade jewelry.

♥ 4
Penguin Pillow

♥ 7
Diy Mustache Necklace

Since mustache fashion got popular around the world, we have been witnessing the jewelry crafting projects and tutorials regarding diy mustache necklace, like mushrooms spring up here and there in cyber space. We share this typical one with you.

♥ 13
Chanel Drip Earrings

A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous

♥ 19
Diy Bib Necklace In Ruffle Pattern

This tutorial is relating to another piece of simple handmade jeweler; we present you detailed description about this diy bib necklace project.

♥ 7
 Diy Bubble Necklace

Our jewelry making classes are free and shown without any limit for your immediate reference; this one is about how to diy bubble necklace with simple clay beads and acrylic paints.

♥ 6
How To Make Crystal Jewelry

This how to make crystal jewelry tutorial includes merely two basic skills that are often applied in handmade beaded jewelry, which is exactly suitable for beginners.

♥ 5
Panda Earrings

♥ 0
Waist Belts For Women

Making a belt is an easy thing for you at home. The tutorial named waist belts for women will introduce you a cool knotted belt, embellishing you a handsome and elegant woman in public.

♥ 15
An Easy Way To Diy Hair Ties

This tutorial is to demonstrate you an easy way to diy hair ties; it is a sleek option to make such kind of hair crafts jewelry with left over materials from headbands making.

♥ 6
Diy Hair Barrettes

This easy jewelry making project aims at showing you a fine way about diy hair barrettes with rhinestone trim and red yarn. It is a quick way to embellish your plain barrettes.

♥ 2
Mosaic Colored Diamond Pendant Necklace

In this diy necklace project, with colorful paints and a patch of leather, you are able to create a fantastic diamond pendant necklace! Just 3 steps and 10 minutes, have a try?

♥ 36
Diy Hair Accessories For Girls

This DIY accessories tutorial aims to teach you quick-to-hands-on way about DIY hair accessories for girls. Within 3 steps to finish this attractive and functional hair tie.

♥ 3
Wooden Bead Bracelet

In our wooden bead bracelet tutorial, we are going to show you a kind of different bracelet patterns in antique and Chinese traditional flavor.

♥ 11
K On Yui Papercraft

cute and easy

♥ 6
Itsy Bitsy Spider Cake

♥ 1
Clay Pills Bracelet

♥ 2
Mercat Necklace

Who said cats don't like water, anyway?

♥ 42
Kawaii Bottle Cap Charms

An easy way to whip up some adorable bottle cap jewelry

♥ 8
Katniss Pusheen

Hunger Games' Katniss ( it's actually called CATniss Pusheen ^.^ ) in a fluffier form :)

♥ 92
Diy The Fancy Name Jewelry

This nameplate necklace tutorial is to demonstrate you a quick and easy way to make out cool-looking name jewelry merely with shrink plastic.

♥ 18
Wrap Bracelets With Names

Our DIY projects aim to provide you fresh and steam lined approaches to creative braided bracelets with names. And what we present now is a simple one.

♥ 14
Gum Paste Heel

cake topper

♥ 1
Stamped Clay Bead Bracelets

This clay bead bracelets tutorial is targeted to people who are in need of a simple way to DIY charm bracelet for mom. 2 steps to finish off the brief and important presents for new moms.

♥ 9
Slush Puppy Charm

♥ 3
Tardis Charm

♥ 3
Despicable Me Minions Nail Art


♥ 21
Golden And Turquoise Diy Statement Necklaces

Via the easy and quick bead necklace ideas, we will start with focal turquoise beads and golden spacer beads. As it turns out, with the right color collocation, even two types of distinctive beads can compose diy statement necklaces.

♥ 6
Diy Fabric Necklace

How to make trendy and eco-friendly girls necklaces? Easily use the overhand knots and leftover fabric scraps or old T-shirts for a diy fabric necklace which coordinates perfect with any outfit.

♥ 8
Diy Hemp Bracelet

Today’s bracelet ideas with string are mainly for the friendship fancier. This diy hemp bracelet pattern is a great starting point for those who wanna make a pure twine bracelet without any beads.

♥ 19
Mer Cat Brooch

Because who says cat ladies can't be mermaids, too?

♥ 90
Andy The Demon Bear

♥ 6
Baby Octopus

♥ 11
Fimo/Resin Charms

♥ 7
Baby Octopus

♥ 10
Cute Necklace Pendant

A necklace I made from various jewelry pieces.

♥ 1
Reimu Touhou Papercraft (Chibi )

this is a easy one . and very funny to make

♥ 5
Papercraft Chibi Miki Sayaka

you can make your own version

♥ 2
Felted Monkey

Adorable felted monkey!

♥ 14
Origami Money Flower (How To)

Along with a monetary gift for any occassion, other mini tutorials are included!

♥ 4
Nautical Strapless Skirt Top

Really cute top, great for Summer!

♥ 5
Felt Totoro

♥ 2
Pink Makeup


♥ 0
Hello Kitty Boots

Bling up your boots, hello Kitty Style

♥ 5
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