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Craft Projects tagged Kawaii

Recycled Organizer

Organizing my crafting stuff in a cheap and cute organizer.

♥ 13

♥ 0
Lolita Skirt How To

Simple lolita skirt

♥ 49
Lavender Drawer Sachets

♥ 1
Unicorn Headband

♥ 6
Ribbon Heart

♥ 18
Fixing Up Old Gameboy (Pokemon Style)

Take your old beat up gameboy and make it look brand new! Or at least, cooler than before.

♥ 0
Cabochon Rings

The spacy version using nail polish!

♥ 5
Simple Scrunchie

Can't find your scrunchie? Make one!

♥ 8
Mini Duck Tape Top Hat

mini hat,cute,top hat

♥ 3
Make Your Own Lucky Leftover Chicken Leg!

Rabbit's feet are too mainstream!

♥ 7
Elven Crown

Roaming middle earth never looked this good

♥ 12
Make Your Own String Doll!

Forget those expensive string dolls! Make your own, personalized string dolls! (Not intended for voodoo! ;P)

♥ 142
Choco White Egg Mask


♥ 2
Laptop Cover Of All Of My Favorite Things

A big girl version of a sticker book

♥ 2
Angel Beats Papercraft

it's a easy one for beginers

♥ 5
Panda Hat

warm and cute! the compliments are constant.

♥ 9
Polar Bear Hat

Its like you're really wearing a polar bear on your head. But a lot less messy :)

♥ 15
Domo I Pod Nano Case

♥ 0

♥ 1
Lolita Jsk

♥ 27
Fabric Napkins

Easy, pretty, and no one else will have them!

♥ 3
Pokéwalker Necklace

A simple way to always have your pokéwalker with you :)

♥ 0
Kawaii Felt Cupcake

♥ 1
Blue Bow Sneakers

♥ 2
Beaded Vintage Pendants

♥ 0
Yoshi Pillow

A quick and personal birthday present for a friend

♥ 8
Hitagi Papercraft

you can make it yourself just follow the instuctions

♥ 6
Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cupcakes

A Cupcake That Tastes Just Like Your Eating A Bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch!

♥ 59
Evie's Fairy Doll Xxx

For my wee niece as part of her birthday gift

♥ 0
Super Simple Cheat Cuff

cute looking cuff from a ribbon and some buttons <3

♥ 3
Steampunk Ish Ribbon Hairband

Very easy and cute x

♥ 6
Prince Bubblegum Tote Bag

♥ 3
Toast Charms

♥ 1
The Midnight Cat's Collar

♥ 14
Perler Bead Butterfly

♥ 3
Sloth Scarf

Perfect for lazy days.

♥ 100
Gaga My Day   Fascinator

They can't scare me, if I scare them first - and hey, no sewing required!

♥ 5
Transparent Studded Satchel

first time with bag making!

♥ 65
Hello Kitty Pillow

♥ 4
Chibi Plushie Tutorial

How to make adorable, personalized chibi plushies ^-^

♥ 22
Cat Ear Newsboy Hat

just as the title says, a newsboy hat with cat ears.

♥ 13
Bittersweet Fairy

50 shades of pink

♥ 13
Pikachu Pin

♥ 1
Felt Animal Brooches

♥ 16
Blue Bird Dotee Doll

♥ 3
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