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Craft Projects tagged Gothic

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Beaded Applique Fascinator

Turn a beaded applique into a gorgeous fascinator.

♥ 2
Skeletal Shoes

just working through my 'shoe upcycle' pile

♥ 16
Googly Eye Collar Necklace

Awesomely creepy googly eye collar

♥ 5
Studded Make Up Bag

black, purple, studs,

♥ 1
Large Goth Bunny Rabbit Plush

large goth bunny rabbit plushie

♥ 25
A New Flower Pot In 5 Minutes

a flower pot from any can you have at home.

♥ 11
Crochet Fishnet Fingerless Gloves

Punky Fishnet Fingerless gloves

♥ 19
Walking Dead Pillow

A gift for my auntie Mary on her birthday, Michonne and her zombie boyfriends

♥ 7
Drawstring Batpack

A simple drawstring backpack with a spooky twist.

♥ 149
Bats N Bows Wine Glasses

For a Special Sparkly Bride's Bachelorette Party

♥ 27
Tatted Mask

Easy Halloween Costume

♥ 11
Bram Stroker's Dracula Whitby Harbour Inspired 3 D Window Painting Thing

Don't really know exactly what to call it. lol

♥ 0
Circle Dress

Spin, spin, spin

♥ 23
Suit Jacket Into Cute Dress

Cute and Classy :3

♥ 16
Studded Denim I Pod Case

Old pair of jeans to new iPod case.

♥ 2
Diy Deer Antler Headband

Turn yourself into a beautiful doe with this cute headband!

♥ 24
Punky Spikey Studdey Hat

Make a statement

♥ 16
Scrappy Brooch And Chain

Make a statement!

♥ 20
Classy Bow Ties

need some class? add a bow tie!

♥ 2
Wire Celtic/Elven Necklace

Green wire necklace

♥ 97
Pearl Cluster Ring

So cute and easy to do

♥ 8
Steampunk Prom Dress

my prom dress inspired by steampunk culture

♥ 191
Diy Jewel Word Decoration With Photos!

Decorate a cute word to jazz up your bedroom!

♥ 1
Valentine Day Plushies

Plushies for my boyfriend.

♥ 5
Goth/Rivethead Goggles

Make your very own goth or rivethead goggles.

♥ 15
Skinny Jeans


♥ 5
Elegant Lace Frame Brooch

and pretty cheap, too.

♥ 6
 Grunge/Steampunk Cardigans

Refashion cardigans from leggings.

♥ 6
Chanel Drip Earrings

A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous

♥ 19
Nautical Romper

Ahoy Matey

♥ 20
Steampunk Pendant

My first try at some steampunk jewellery, and I gave it away! No to make myself one... :)

♥ 12
Bruge Lace Facinator

Be the envy of any Edwrdian Gibson Girl (or what you like)

♥ 3
Elven Crown

Roaming middle earth never looked this good

♥ 12
Make Your Own String Doll!

Forget those expensive string dolls! Make your own, personalized string dolls! (Not intended for voodoo! ;P)

♥ 142
Fake Shark's Tooth Pendent

be Eco friendly save animals and make your own fake pendents =D

♥ 4
Elizabethan Collar Part 1

a must for all hard core costumers

♥ 16
Laptop Cover Of All Of My Favorite Things

A big girl version of a sticker book

♥ 2
Spiked Keds

Boat shoes? Weapons? Whatever, they're freaky fresh!!

♥ 19
Fabric Napkins

Easy, pretty, and no one else will have them!

♥ 3
Cat Toe Shoes

Glitter cats on your feet!

♥ 3
Emilie Autumn Makeup

Makeup for any hardcore fan of Emilie! :)

♥ 7
Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cupcakes

A Cupcake That Tastes Just Like Your Eating A Bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch!

♥ 59
Super Simple Cheat Cuff

cute looking cuff from a ribbon and some buttons <3

♥ 3
Steampunk Ish Ribbon Hairband

Very easy and cute x

♥ 6
Ruber Lace Armwarmers

A pair of knit/crochet armwarmers.

♥ 6
Spine Cut Vest   No Sew

no-sew spine cut style vest

♥ 26
Nightmare Before Christmas Inspired Charm/Pendant

small Tim Burton themed charm made from Fimo clay

♥ 37
Hunger Games Inspired Archery Pendant

Hunger Games inspired Archery pendant

♥ 8
Gaga My Day   Fascinator

They can't scare me, if I scare them first - and hey, no sewing required!

♥ 5
Transparent Studded Satchel

first time with bag making!

♥ 65
Demon Becca

I turned myself into a demon with the power of GIMP!

♥ 0
Chibi Plushie Tutorial

How to make adorable, personalized chibi plushies ^-^

♥ 22
Corset Lace Up Thigh High Legwarmer/Socks

so easy you should slap me for making a tutorial

♥ 282
Bittersweet Fairy

50 shades of pink

♥ 13
Diy Horror+Ice Cream= I Scream Tank Top

Make everyone scream with this horrific ice-cream!

♥ 4
Corset With Tails

easy corset reconstruction for people like me who can't sew very well

♥ 27
Make A Lip Palette

Customizable palette, colors, and flavors!

♥ 20
Fringed Infinity Hood Scarf


♥ 192
Tomb Raider Gun Holster

Easy to make gun holsters!

♥ 58
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