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Craft Projects tagged Geeky

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Iron Throne, For Your Phone

Dare you play, the Game of Phones...? (sorry, i've been brewing GoT puns like crazy)

♥ 5
8 Bit Minecraft Hearts Hama Bead Necklace

Hey! Be careful with that sword! I've only got one and a half hearts left!

♥ 2
Batman Hama Bead Pot

♥ 1
Magic The Gathering Island Potholder

Instant-Speed Safety

♥ 2
Magic The Gathering Forest Potholder

Geek out in the kitchen with forest mana!

♥ 1
Magic The Gathering Plains Potholder

Get fancy, but keep it plains.

♥ 2
Magic The Gathering Mountain Potholder

Is that a fireball or a casserole?

♥ 2
Middle Earth Jacket

♥ 11
Mario Silhouette Frame

A wee gift for a Nintendo fan

♥ 1
Olly Moss' 'papercuts' Tribute Wall

Still ongoing :)

♥ 2
Princess Peach Crown

Based off the Super Smash Brothers Brawl Peach.

♥ 25
Lego Knuckle Duster

Make a ring that will knock the blocks right out of someone!

♥ 6
Sword Art Online Silhouettes

Acuna and Kirito from Sword Art Online

♥ 10
Doctor Who Earrings

Because earrings can get expensive make whatever kind of earrings you want

♥ 3
Lord Of The Rings Leave Cloak Clasp Brooch

A Lord of the Rings inspired tutorial

♥ 29
Fullmetal Alchemist Shoes

For my bestest friend who wanted something nerdy but chic xx

♥ 6
Nes Console And Pads Pillows

a gift for a Nintendo fan :)

♥ 14
Mario Planter Box

Video game craft = win #12

♥ 20
Bake It So Apron

♥ 4
Ni No Kuni Inspired Shoes

Shoes inspired by the Studio Ghibli game Ni No Kuni - Wrath of the White Witch

♥ 5
How To: Boo Piñata

Video game craft = win #11

♥ 19
How To: Felt Keaton Legend Of Zelda

Videogame craft = win #10

♥ 12
How To: Comic Book Phone Cover

Videogame craft = win #9

♥ 35
How To: Felt Angry Birds

Videogame craft = win #7

♥ 14
How To: Retro Game Boy Key Chain

Videogame craft = win #6

♥ 34
Manta Wolf Plushie   From Neil Gaiman's "The Ocean At The End Of The Lane"

Warning: grotesque teddy bear mutilation ahead!

♥ 8
How To: Pikachu Nail Art

Videogame craft = win #5

♥ 18
How To: Stitchface Turnip

Videogame craft = win #4

♥ 14
Doctor Who Time Shirt

Wibbly-Wobbly Timey-Whimey

♥ 6
Metroid Pillow

A quick wee birthday present for my bro in law

♥ 2
Yoshi Pillow

A quick and personal birthday present for a friend

♥ 9
Labyrinth Cushion Cover

For my big sisters birthday :)

♥ 13
Vinyl Record Bag Step By Step

Awesome, eye-catching, unique. Just like you.

♥ 73
Pikachu Pin

♥ 1
Tiny Yoda Keyring

♥ 1
Triforce Necklace

♥ 1
Galaxy T Shirt 2

Nebula Galaxy Space

♥ 22
Star Trek Hat

♥ 1
X Men Comic Book Heels

♥ 8
Word Disassociation Binder

In the Never-Ending War Against Boring School Supplies

♥ 0
Cork Board Wall Art

Because my wall just made too much sense without it.

♥ 3
Doctor Who   The Doctor's Psychic Paper

Tricky thing psychic paper, can't let your mind wander when your handing it over

♥ 6
Death Star Pinata

♥ 2
Lady Gaga Inspired Little Monster's Top

monster drawing

♥ 5
Fonts Into Cross Stitch Pattern

Word, yo

♥ 6
Unicorn Handbag!

What to do with a boring ol' handbag... Unicorn-ise it!

♥ 4
Totoro In The Rain Box Frame

For my best friend on his birthday (he loved it!)

♥ 65
Super Simple Totoro Jumper

Embellish a plain grey jumper for this awesome Totoro jumper

♥ 23
Companion Cube Hat

♥ 0
Dna Earrings

♥ 7
Ghibli Soot Sprite Broach <3

Fluffy little Soot Sprite pin badge of Awesomeness!

♥ 13
Geeky Cross Stitch Rings

Getting your favourite video game charecters on jewelry

♥ 47
Dna Earrings

♥ 7
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