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Sharp Lighting

Add sharp lighting to a dull room.

♥ 1
Fauxbergé Egg

Fabergé or Fauxbergé?

♥ 3
Technically Art Television

Technically... your wall mounted TV can still be art.

♥ 5
Diy Leather Feather Earrings

Use up those leather scraps!

♥ 7
Purple And Pretty Manicure

Pretty up them nails for summer

♥ 3
Floral Sunglasses

A cute designer-inspired wear sunnies!

♥ 11
How To Make A Light Bulb Vase

Make a really cool light bulb vase that actually lights up!

♥ 26
Burberry Prorsum Inspired (Faux) Fur Scarf

A Chic and Cozy Accessory for Fall/Winter!!

♥ 4
Flip Flop To Sandal Refashion

Turn your boring flip flops into cute embellished wrap sandals!!

♥ 46
Anthro Inspired Clutch (With Free Pattern)

Inspired by Anthropologie's "Solarbloom Clutch"

♥ 26
Sweet Shop Necklace

super cute and easy!

♥ 52
Mini Polaroid Magnet

Shrink your polaroids!

♥ 58
Lanvin Inspired Bow Tee

This t-shirt retails for over $1K! Make it yourself for under $5

♥ 14
Frieda And Nellie Friendship Ring

a new twist on the friendship bracelet!

♥ 28
Half & Half Denim Maxi Skirt

Save the top of those jeans!!!

♥ 11
Sharpie Suncatcher

Suncatcher.. With Sharpies!

♥ 2
Miu Miu Inspired Clutch

The Ruched (Leather) Clutch

♥ 45
Chain Tethered Collar Tips

Cheap, fast, easy, STYLE!

♥ 31
The Artsy Jazzy Beanie

No Knitting Required!!!

♥ 17
Rainbowlicious Earrings

inspired by "all the rage" earrings, rainbowlicious and fun!

♥ 64
And Mary's "What's The Story, Winston?" Necklace

so darn cute! for dog lovers everywhere!

♥ 42
Easy Ettika Bow Bracelet

♥ 3
Bead Choker Dress

quick, striking plus cheap - picked up this dress at an opshop for $6.50 and found old necklace for free

♥ 35
Easy Fringe Scarf

No Knitting Required!!

♥ 22
Fimo Roses

♥ 3
J.Crew Inspired Cape

Inspired by The "Wool Felt Cape"

♥ 101
Anthropologie Inspired Tote

Inspired by the "Sun Diamonds Tote"

♥ 42
Easy Ettika Bow Bracelet

$32 on Ettika's site. Less than $3 at home. make your own designer-style cute bow bracelet!

♥ 354
Sequined Shoulder Pads/Epaulettes From An Old Bra

Make your own shoulder pads, no sewing!

♥ 41
Diy Anthropologie's "Perched Harmonies" Necklace

why pay $68 when you can make one for cheap?

♥ 397
Ruffle Scarf

Keep warm and be cute at the same time!!!

♥ 29
Designer Inspired Jacket

Fabulous for fall...super easy too

♥ 226
Chic Fall Cape

♥ 172
Dkny Inspired Bag

♥ 89
Alice In Wonderland Heels

♥ 71
Bed Sheet Peasant Blouse

♥ 49
Saks Fifth Avenue Inspired Bag

The "Akris Shoulder Bag"

♥ 104
Beaded Rabbit Ears

Make yourself a couture inspired rabbit ear headband.

♥ 143
Moschino Bracelet

♥ 4
Clear Faux Hermes Handbag

DIY your own Hermes bag!

♥ 23
Out On A Lim

Accordion to my research, this chic piece of bling is still hot for banishing the winter blues…

♥ 37
Your Loyal And Faithful Serpent

Fashion takes a walk on the Wylde side…

♥ 29
Bal Mania

My Chic Cheat ode to Balmain’s Spring/Summer ‘10 collection – on the double!

♥ 111
Pooping Hollister Bird

A satirical tribute to Fashion Fascism.

♥ 32
Washer Ribbon Necklace

Don't Buy DIY: Anni Albers Washer Ribbon Necklace

♥ 119
Safety Pin Rhinestone Earrings

Don't Buy DIY: Tom Binns Safety Pin Rhinestone Earrings

♥ 39
Chain Harness

DIY: FashionToast-Inspired Chain Harness

♥ 157