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Craft Projects tagged Clothes & Accessories

Diy Rope Bracelets

Do you want to make your own super easy, simple and knotted rope bracelet patterns? It’s not as hard as you would think! We present to you a detailed DIY rope bracelet project that includes clear illustrations and an elaborate explanation.

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Hair Bow And Bow Belt

How to make a hair bow and belt.

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Button Heart Brooches

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Fox Tail...Out Of Yarn?

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Cute Handmade Jewelry  Pearl Necklaces With An Adorable Acrylic Flower

Cute handmade jewelry- pearl necklaces with an adorable acrylic flower

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Bracelet Knotting Instructions

Rope and beads are always the supplies for jewelry making. Handmade bracelets can be very beautiful. This handmade bracelet tutorial will show you bracelet knots instructions.

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Bold Bead Ring

A cool piece of jewellery that is so easy to make.

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Random Granny Squares Throw......Purple

Random square throw.

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T Shirt Yarn Purse

Easy tote bag, made with t-shirt yarn.

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Tomato Halter Dress

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Peelable Banana Plushie

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Ocd Shirt

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T Shirt Shrug

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Lace And Beads Bracelet

just check it out...its classy :p

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Ribbon Crystal Choker

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 Grunge/Steampunk Cardigans

Refashion cardigans from leggings.

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Summer Watermelon Tank Top

easy dye tank top

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Flower Garland Straw Hat
Hats >

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Diy Bracelet In Triple Colored Panama Hat Pattern

DIY bracelet in triple colored Panama hat pattern

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Bead Bracelets Diy One Stunning Piece Of Jewelry Gift Idea

Bead bracelets diy-one stunning piece of jewelry gift idea

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How To Make Necklace Patterns With Beads

How to make necklace patterns with beads

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Diy Hair Clips Out Of Old Earrings

Welcome back for another day of economical accessories diy projects. Here, I will show you the way making diy hair clips out of old or broken earrings. I promise you gonna love it so much!

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Unique Jewelry Necklace Ideas To Make With Your Little Kids

Well, today’s tips are about a unique jewelry necklace ideas to make little kids. In it, you will work the Washi Tape into handmade components for a necklace. It is super easy and amusing to have a try!

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Dainty Braided Bracelets For Small Wrists

This friendship bracelet tutorial is a quick one for your instant reference when you want to know how to make a stack of pretty and simple bracelets for small wrists.

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Double Spike Ring

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Pearl And Safety Pin Necklace

How much have you addicted to the handmade crafts? The pearl necklace design ideas today will truly shocked you so much as its individual and bond collections of pearl bead and safety pins in one piece.

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Delicate Pearl Bow Hair Ornaments

In the post we’ll show you the way creating a pearl bow hair ornaments as your new hair adornments. Further, it can be made into a barrette, a clip or glued to a blank headband. You gotta love the diy hair jewelry!

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Diy :  Lotus Pendent

wire turned and beaded lotus (flower) pendent

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Diy Rings In Bow Pattern And Candy Color

DIY rings is a fancy thing to do when you are at leisure and want to find something to engage in. making jewelry at home is a fairly good choice.

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Floral & Spikes Heaband

A edgy & cute headband to make

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Vintage Jewelry Ideas To Make  Diy Bead Earrings

Vintage jewelry ideas to make- DIY bead earrings

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Diy Post Earrings In Heart Loop Pattern

DIY post earrings in heart loop pattern

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Make Cool Bracelets Out Of Pearl Beads And Organza Ribbon

DIY cool bracelets out of pearl beads and organza

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Sparkle Shoes

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Hair Flower/Brooch

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Diy Shirt

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Necklace From Old Earrings

For all the single dangly earrings.

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Cool Cord Bracelet Making For Moms

Cool cord bracelet making for moms

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Making Bead Necklace Patterns With Glass Beads

Making bead necklace patterns with glass beads

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Diy Hair Pins By Using Shrinky Dink

These diy hair pins are inspired by the cool arrow patterns. And besides this, about the materials we make use of, the magical Shrinky Dink. It is definitely a piece of easy-to-follow and quick-to-finished handmade jewelry.

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Satin Ribbon Jewelry

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Eyeball Earrings

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Cookie Necklace

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Tatted Flower

My first tatted project! :)

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Jewelry Making Designs  Multi Sized Chain Bracelet Diy

Jewelry making designs- multi-sized chain bracelet DIY

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Diy Mustache Necklace

Since mustache fashion got popular around the world, we have been witnessing the jewelry crafting projects and tutorials regarding diy mustache necklace, like mushrooms spring up here and there in cyber space. We share this typical one with you.

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Chanel Drip Earrings

A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous

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Diy Ombre Denim Shirt

dit ombre

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Nautical Romper

Ahoy Matey

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