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Craft Projects tagged Clothes & Accessories

A Simple Necklace

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Ruffled Tank

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Chic Diy And Craft Ideas How To Make Diy Tassel Earrings

Chic DIY and craft ideas-how to make diy tassel earrings

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Picnic Set

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Sailor's Rope Bracelet Tutorial

This rope bracelet tutorial is to teach you a fast-to-learn way about DIY bracelet merely with rope and cylinder.

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A Navy And White Bracelet Watch For Women

One of the popular bracelet patterns with string is weaved chevron one that is often applied in many kinds of jewelry making, including bracelet watch for women.

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Fishnet Maxi Dress

perfect beachwear

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Pillowcase Dresses

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Distressed Nightsky Shorts

Make your pair of shorts look extra lovely by painting a starry night upon them!

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Unique Handmade Ring

Did you ever imagine that a coin could make such a beautiful ring? In this tutorial, we’ll show you the techniques to make this one of a kind outstanding statement ring. All you need is a coin and rhinestone chain to make this unique handmade ring. Best of all, you learn how to make affordable handmade jewelry.

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Hemp Bracelet Patterns With Pictures

Hemp bracelet patterns with pictures

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Jewelry Designs Ideas   Handcrafted Earrings With Jade Drop

Jewelry designs ideas - handcrafted earrings with jade drop

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Summer Roses Op

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Beaded Jewellery Designs An Adorable Necklace With Handmade Charms

Beaded jewellery designs-an adorable necklace with handmade charms

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Coin Keyrings

easy homemade key rings that everyone will like!

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Bleached Lyric Sneakers

Put a Song in Your Steps!

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Beaded Ring

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4th Of July Pins

These pins will steal the fireworks show!

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Glowing Jawbreaker Jewelry

Nothing says summer like Candy and Glow in the Dark stuff!

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Resin Beach Souvenir Necklace

Take your vacation with you everywhere!

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Crop Top From T Shirt!

How to DIY a fab crop top from any old tee!!

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Goth/Rivethead Goggles

Make your very own goth or rivethead goggles.

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Beaded Pendant For A Necklace Or Make Another For Earrings

Native american beading

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Handmade Jewelry Tutorial Of Disney Cartoon   Diy Pocahontas Necklace

Handmade jewelry tutorial of Disney cartoon - DIY Pocahontas necklace

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Handmade Necklaces Out Of Pearl And Safety Pins

Are you eager to find ways to add amusing and fun pieces to your wardrobe? Or do you just want to turn old jewellery into fresh new pieces? We have put together for you a necklace designs for women. Feel free to try it out! You’ll love this handmade necklace so much.

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Diy Ring

Love to DIY jewellery? This double chain ring tutorial is exact for you when you wonder how to DIY ring with a special and cool look. 2 steps help you finish it off!

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Bracelets For Guys  Diy Survival Bracelet With Chunky Chain

Bracelets for guys- DIY survival bracelet with chunky chain

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Diy Beaded Earrings  Pearl And Rose Earring Diy

DIY beaded earrings- pearl and rose earring DIY

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Easy Bag From Tshirt =^.^=

a bag i made from a demonic turtleneck thingy LOL.

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Hunger Games Arena Shirt

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Unique Jewelry Design Individual Handmade Beaded Earrings

Unique jewelry design-individual handmade beaded earrings

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Diy Crop Top   Recycling Old Jeans Legs

Fake Balmain and recycle jeans scraps

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Diy Comic Book Clutch

Make something new out of your old bags

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First Bikini!

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Chainmail Necklace Styles   Unique Handcrafted Jewelry With Jump Rings And Pearls

Chainmail necklace styles - unique handcrafted jewelry with jump rings and pearls

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Overalls From Long Pants

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Necklace Design Ideas With Beads And Strings

The topic of today’s jewelry making crafts is about necklace design ideas with beads and strings. No extra skills and techniques are required! This is a great project for crafters at all level .

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Chocolate Color Handcrafted Jewelry In A Collar Pattern

Chocolate Color handcrafted jewelry in a collar pattern

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Splendid Bezel Bracelet With Birthstones

This stunning jewellery making project will instruct you on how to create a bracelet with birthstones. All the things that you’ll need are birthstones of your choice, several cabochon settings, a clasp and some jumprings.

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Pom Pom
Tops >

Step by step how to make a pom pom with a fork

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Skinny Jeans


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Elegant Lace Frame Brooch

and pretty cheap, too.

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Candy Colored Diy Jewelry Display

Learn how to build simple and customized handmade accessories and a colored DIY jewelry display out of a painting color palette with these easy instructions. It’s the perfect assistant to organize your jewelry pieces!

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Easy Ways To Make Diy Kids Hair Accessories

This handmade jewelry design was specially prepared for the approaching Children’s Day. You will learn to make this featured DIY kids hair accessory that is decorated with shimmering rhinestones. It’s really cute!

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Unique Handmade Jewelry Diy Dreamcatcher Earrings In 3 Simple Steps

Unique handmade jewelry-DIY dreamcatcher earrings in 3 simple steps

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Homemade Jewelry Simple Friendship Bracelet For Boyfriend And Girlfriend

Homemade jewelry-simple friendship bracelet for boyfriend and girlfriend

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Simple Mother Daughter Jewelry Diy Wrapped Bracelet

Simple mother daughter jewelry-diy wrapped bracelet

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Braided Racerback Tank From An Old Tshirt

Turn an old tshirt into a stylish racerback tank in just 20 minutes.

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Super Hero Circle Skirt

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One Of Simple String Bracelet Tutorials

String bracelet tutorials are presented many on this board, during which this one is not the most special one, but can be seen as most handsome one, a handsome bracelet for women.

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Diy Art Crafts Extraordinary Leaf Shape Wire Bracelet Ideas

Diy art crafts-extraordinary leaf-shape wire bracelet ideas

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How To Make A Glass Bead Bracelet

Follow our steps to learn how to make this glass bead bracelet. We hope that this tutorial inspires you to invent more bracelet display ideas!

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Handmade Jewelry Ideas Hemp Bracelet Patterns For Men

Handmade jewelry ideas-hemp bracelet patterns for men

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