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Calgary, Alberta, Canada
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A unique way to display your old t-shirts

I've had a box of old t-shirts sitting in the closet for years doing nothing but taking up space. They were old Harley t-shirts from when my nephews were toddlers and old t-shirts that I've work out. I was watching a design show and saw a boutique was selling t-shirts made into wall art for big $!! Ridiculous money! I mean 1 months mortgage payment. I saw how simple it was and decided I could do it myself. I don't do things small so I decided to make 16, yes 16 for the wall in my bedroom. It cost less than $15 to make all of them and I have enough materials left to make 10 more.

The styrofoam I used was 1 3/4" thick. You might have some styrofoam laying around that you can save from the landfill. I bought it at a home improvement store. It was 80% cheaper then buying it at a craft store BUT craft stores do sell it in smaller pieces so you may not have to cut them. I used an old electric knife to cut mine with no problems.



  1. How to make wall decor. T Shirt Wall Art - Step 1 1

    Hunt down an old t-shirt. Cut out the sleeves and cut up the sides of the shirt. Save the extra fabric for another project or to make rags.

  2. How to make wall decor. T Shirt Wall Art - Step 2 2

    Lay out your t-shirt on top of the foam and measure and cut the styrofoam(if needed)

  3. How to make wall decor. T Shirt Wall Art - Step 3 3

    Using your hot glue gun gently stretch the t-shirt and glue it to the back of the foam. Glue the corners last.

  4. How to make wall decor. T Shirt Wall Art - Step 4 4

    Add the picture hanger of your choice. I used 1 5/8 self leveling picture hangers. They were super cheap and came with little nails that we used to attach to the foam. They held the art to the hanger with no problems.

  5. How to make wall decor. T Shirt Wall Art - Step 5 5

    Hang on the wall and enjoy!

    I purposely did not center every image perfectly on the styrofoam. I like things that aren't perfect.

    These are hung over my bed in lieu of a head board.

  6. How to make wall decor. T Shirt Wall Art - Step 6 6


    I just started a Harry Potter wall art that I am going to embellish and will post once I am finished. You can use t-shirts from anywhere, anyone or anything! The sky's the limit!

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