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Nice 'n' Simple

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Ipswich, Suffolk, United Kingdom
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Recycled quilted t-shirt coasters

Quick and easy quilted t-shirt coasters!



  1. 1

    Find an interesting t-shirt and a contrasting/matching coloured t-shirt.

    (For instance a white t-shirt with logo and a contrasting orange t-shirt)

    Cut 4 squares from white t-shirt. Pin the 4 squares onto contrasting t-shirt and cut out.

    I cut 4 squares but you could do as many as you want.

  2. 2

    Pair up the white and orange squares.
    'good sides' facing outwards.

    I turned the edges in roughly an inch and pinned. This is so the edges are neat.

    You could always not turn edges in and just zig-zag stitch around edges to finish off.

  3. How to make a coaster. T Shirt Coasters - Step 3 3

    To created the 'quilted' look I sewed in graduating squares; getting smaller the further centred they are and finished with an X sewed in middle.

    You could 'quilt' and sort of pattern, for example;
    * Diagonal lines
    * Continuous line spiralling inwards

    * Lots of small 'X's

  4. How to make a coaster. T Shirt Coasters - Step 4 4

    Continue on and repeat above steps to finish all coasters.

    Then Stack on top of each other and top with bow and possible tag- detailing the 'ingredients' in your item!

    Good luck!

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