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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States
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Make comfy, one of a kind leggings out of an old sweater!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this project. Recycling a sweater into cute, comfy leggings is a great idea!



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  1. How to make leggings. Sweater Leggings!  - Step 1 1

    So this is all the steps written out! I'm pretty sure if you click it, the image will get larger. If that doesn't work, try the link on the right. The rest of the steps will be pictures of my version, which is a little more advanced.

  2. How to make leggings. Sweater Leggings!  - Step 2 2

    I cut two inches off the bottom of my shorts and used it as a casing. Three layers- shorts and sweater sleeves, good sides together. Good side of casing to the wrong side of the sleeve.

  3. How to make leggings. Sweater Leggings!  - Step 3 3

    Flip the casing up to cover the raw edge of the sweater and bottom of the shorts.

  4. How to make leggings. Sweater Leggings!  - Step 4 4

    The finished product! I tried to make the shorts section short so I could wear them with just a long shirt.


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Sweater Leggings!

Sweater Leggings!

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