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Pretty Easy

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Nouzerines, Creuse, France
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Turn your guinea pig into Super Pig with this snazzy little cape!

Turn your guinea pig into Super Pig with this smart, easy knitted cape. This one is for a young guinea pig - I'll do the pattern for an adult soon.




  1. How to make pet clothes. Superpig Cape - Step 1 1

    OK, transform your pig!
    Cast on 32 sts. Knit 4 rows for the collar.
    Main part of cape - row 1 knit
    row 2 - purl
    Row 3 - (first armhole row) knit 3, cast off 3 sts, knit to last 6 sts. Cast off 3 sts then knit last 3 sts.
    Row 4 (second armhole row) Purl 3 sts, wool round needle 3 times and purl next st. Purl to last 3 sts. Wrap wool around needle 3 times before purling next st.
    From now on, increase 1 st each end of every 4th row until cape is required length, approx 12 cm.
    Finish with two knit rows.

  2. How to make pet clothes. Superpig Cape - Step 2 2

    Now, with the dpn, pick up 12 sts around the armholes and knit 3 rows before casting off to make two short sleeves. These help keep the cape on Super Pig.
    Sew all the ends in.
    I embroidered SP on the back in chain stitch for Super Pig, but anything goes.
    Now put the cape on your guinea pig - careful with his little paws!
    And off goes Super Pig on his first mission ...

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