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Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom
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Bullet Bill card outside, Super Mario World scene with pull-tabs inside

I made this card for my boyfriend a few years ago. It has tabs to pull which reveal a 1-Up mushroom as Mario jumps and a happy birthday message which comes out of the pipe.

The scene inside is made up from layers of coloured paper and corrugated cardboard for the boxes and pipe. I printed a picture of Mario as I didn't have enough time to draw one.



Home Made Electronic Christmas Card

Home Made Electronic Christmas Card

A simple light up christmas card

♥ 0
Handprint Heart Card

Handprint Heart Card

What grandparent wouldn't want sweet a card from their grandchild? Especially when the card is in the shape of their sweet little hands?

♥ 6
Hand Drawn Christmas Card

Hand Drawn Christmas Card

Made for my friend from Japan - here it is in her hand after it arrived to her in the post!

♥ 1
3D Gift Boxes Card

3D Gift Boxes Card

Playful, yet elegant gift boxes

♥ 10
Recycled Calendar Greeting Cards

Recycled Calendar Greeting Cards

Don't throw your old calendars away! Make them into greeting cards!

♥ 1
Diy Confetti Card

Diy Confetti Card

A cute card made with colorful tissue paper

♥ 19



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