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Version This project is a version of Stuffed Animal Backpack by San

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Nice 'n' Simple

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Providence, Rhode Island, US
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Based on Stuffed Animal Backpack by San

A baby backpack for when I have to leave my son (the real baby backpack) at home.
Unstuffed belly and sowed in lining, added adhesive backed velcro to edges. Braided straps and knotted ends, then stuffed them into the hollow head through a small hole. The crocheted hat was the most fun.
Still needs some more clothes....still pretty creepy too. Not sure how to fix that other than throw little hearts on it's face :P



Rucksack, Backpack

Rucksack, Backpack

I'm in love with rucksack, so i made it by myself

♥ 37
Hoodie Bag/Backpack

Hoodie Bag/Backpack

hoodie bag/backpack

♥ 17
Map Backpack

Map Backpack

Perfect for anyone with insatiable wanderlust.

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Emoji Patches Diy

Emoji Patches Diy

Emoji Patches for Back to School

♥ 3
Punk/Rock Denim Bag

Punk/Rock Denim Bag

Made of 3 jeans and use it for school!

♥ 20
Diy Drawstring Backpack From A Tee!

Diy Drawstring Backpack From A Tee!

Sorry Mum, but I think this tee should be a bag

♥ 137



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