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Love studs? Here's a DIY for you to try:)

I had some extra pronged studs lying around and I was wondering what to do with them when I got the idea of making studded French barrettes for my hair. After all, a girl can never have too many hair accessories^^

I hope you enjoy my tutorial and do visit my blog entry on the tutorial for more details!

Here's the link!




  1. 1

    Prepare a strip of felt slightly smaller than your barrette, heat up your glue gun and follow the below steps in sequence:)

  2. How to make a hair clip / barrette. Studded Barrette With Pronged Studs - Step 2 2

    Please click to see full size!

    Be careful when handling the stud filled with glue because it is really hot!

    Note: When putting attaching the completed stud+felt onto the barrette, put glue on the barrette and carefully place the barrette on the stud+felt. Do not squash the glue.

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