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Nail Painting

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The Makeup Honey Nail Art


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  1. How to paint a stripy nail. Stripes And Diamantés - Step 1 1

    To start with apply a base coat to protect your nails. When the base coat is dry, apply 2 coats of your chosen polish. Don’t worry if you wobble, use a small brush and. Nail polish remover to neaten up the edges. Cut stripes of tape and stick them down where you would like the design.

  2. How to paint a stripy nail. Stripes And Diamantés - Step 2 2

    Carefully clip the excess tape from the edges of your nails. Repeat this with as many colours of tape as you like. Once I was happy with the tape I used some sfx glue ( I ran out of nail glue) to adhere some tear drop gems to my nails. Now add a top coat and you are done!

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