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A cute hat made from a coffee cup?!

I wanted a cute little top hat to go with my stripy skirt~ It's base is made from a paper coffee cup (source of inspiration, really) and some ultra-thick card stock, which were both covered separately before being put together.
Embellished with braided trims, fake flowers with glitter tips, three not-too-jaunty feathers, and a tulle poof.
It attaches from the underside with two clips and a comb. In retrospect I should have ditched the comb and placed another clip in the front, and perhaps some ribbon from the sides to keep it on my head a little better, as it did wobble around a bit.
Overall though, I'm *really* pleased with how it came out!


Mad Hatter Hat

Mad Hatter Hat


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Recycled Magazine Mini Top Hat

Recycled Magazine Mini Top Hat

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Playing Card Hat How To!

Playing Card Hat How To!

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Teapot Top Hat

Teapot Top Hat

Host your own Mad Hatter's tea party with a teapot top hat!

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Mini Top Hats

Mini Top Hats


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Cover A Top Hat

Cover A Top Hat

Customize that top hat to coordinate with your costume!

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Cherry Kitten Bomb
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Delicious and so cool!

Mickie · Grand Junction, Colorado, US · 43 projects

that so hot.


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