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easiest. scarf. ever.

sooo... i saw these online and wanted them but they were really expensive. But fortunately, they proved ridiculously easy to make. I will take some how to pictys later... but for now just know all it is is jersey knit cut up... you can wear them stacked or messy or tidy.

Use 2.5- 3 yards of knit (depending on how long you want your scarf). cut a generous stirp about 8-12 inches (once again, your preference). Taper the endings and slice the middle into narrow strips. Note... stop the shredding about 8 inches from the endings.



T Shirt Scarf

T Shirt Scarf

If you have a old t-shirt, but doesnt fit or has a stain under the armpits (LOL), you can turn it into something totally cool and (a big plus) keep you warm.

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Super Easy T Shirt Scarf

Super Easy T Shirt Scarf

Super Easy T Shirt Scarf

♥ 441
Ripped Scarf

Ripped Scarf

recycled tee to necklace

♥ 275
Easy Scarf

Easy Scarf

easy-to-make scarf out of a t-shirt!

♥ 377
T Shirt Scarf/Necklace.

T Shirt Scarf/Necklace.

turn your oversized old t-shirt into a scarf/necklace.

♥ 107
DIY Scrap Scarf

DIY Scrap Scarf

The perfect summer scarf for fashion, not warmth.

♥ 137



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