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Newark, California
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A really pretty way to eat fruit

So my brother and I decided to create a grand breakfast for mothers day one year featuring mini french toast, mini pancakes, fresh made orange juice, and of course a strawberry bouquet! I ended up using half of a head of lettuce/cabbage to poke all the sticks in (just like a flower's block). I poked each strawberry on a skewer and poked it into a very carefully picked spot on the cabbage. I think it ended up looking pretty nice. However, if you do plan to do this (and I recommend it), I will warn you that once you start eating the strawberries, all that's left is a cabbage with a bunch of spines sticking out.



Mc Apple

Mc Apple

Kids are lovin' it ;)

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Fun Fulfilling Fruit Salsa

Fun Fulfilling Fruit Salsa

Yummy summer treat!

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Best Tropical Fruit Salad Ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Best Tropical Fruit Salad Ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

love it <3

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Pukka Pineapple

Pukka Pineapple

This is without a doubt, my favourite fruit recipe for spring and summer.

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20$ Fruit Salad :)

20$ Fruit Salad :)

Who would pay 20$ for a fruit salad! I woulddddd!

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Watermelon Shark Salad

Watermelon Shark Salad

Just some summertime fun.

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