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I love trifle. So good. Drooling.

I love trifle

A lot.

A lot.


...too much? Nah. Fruits, and cream. protein! fruit ness!

yummmh :)


  1. How to cook a trifle. Strawberry Blueberry Coconut Trifle - Step 1 1

    Basically, make a cake. After its baked, cut it up into 1inch by 1 inch chunks. arrange them at the bottom of a think see through glass bowl or legit trifle dish. then, put a later of whip cream over the cake chunks. then a layer of cut up strawberries, blue berries, really any fruit you want.

    then repeat. end with a think layer of whipped cream top with browned coconut.

    you can let it sit in the fridge for a little while (the cake will get nice and soft from the cream), or just dig in.

    i..... i dug in....

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Looks yummy!


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