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Deathly Hollows Symbol Necklace
Aberzombie Shirt
Super Easy Recycled Skirt C:
Strapless Summer Dress
Summer, Strapless, Dress, Belt, Casual, Romper

Just a cute little summer dress/romper. Romper dresses are getting really popular since reintroduced around 2010-2011 but the prices I've seen are from $20-60. Yikes. So, recently my grandmother came to visit and she always asks what little gifts we'd like and I asked for some old scrap fabric. I used two different fabrics in this dress (both materials were extremely thin so I decided to layer them) a blank green (lining and hem) and a vintage floral pattern (outer layer). I simply sewed the two together, and a elastic casing at the top, and then hemmed and gave it a fun multi-string bead belt. It was really easy and you don't need to follow any specific measurements (that's why I didn't post an official tutorial). Try it out and have fun with it. c:


Tea Party Dress (Tutorial)

Tea Party Dress (Tutorial)

perfect for a tea party

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Cute And Easy Strapless Summer Dress

Cute And Easy Strapless Summer Dress

My first ever dress, and tutorial :) Hope you like it.

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Le Sac Dress

Le Sac Dress

Like a million dresses in one !! lol

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Fashion Competition Dress 4 (Kunstbende)

Fashion Competition Dress 4 (Kunstbende)

blue/black dress by LittleMissBlackbird for the fashion competition 'Kunstbende'

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Monster Dress

Monster Dress

The Horror!

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Fashion Competition Dress 5 (Kunstbende)

Fashion Competition Dress 5 (Kunstbende)

sparkly dress by LittleMissBlackbird for the fashion competition Kunstbende

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