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Remember to clean your dirigible of soot sprites before flight :)

I'm doing a personal swap (yey!) and for it we had three themes; Lenore, Alice In Wonderland and My Neighbour Totoro. Another part of the swap was that everything had to be steampunked in some way. So here is one of them :)

First up is the soot sprite from My Neighbour Totoro and Spirited Away. Since my partner wanted a steampunk theme, I decided to give him a pair of flying goggles. Now he is ready for his time hiding away on dirigibles.

The soot sprite himself is crocheted while the goggles are made from tops and an old leather belt I cut up, the head band is a brass chain. Acrylic paints aged the lenses.


Queen's Guard Felt Softie

Queen's Guard Felt Softie

Friendly little felt friend

♥ 8
Steampunk Marveletta O'houlihan

Steampunk Marveletta O'houlihan

A softie from a past that never was.

♥ 24
Sheldon Plush

Sheldon Plush

Sheldon - the tiny dinosaur who thinks he's a turtle.

♥ 45
Red Castle Crashers Knight

Red Castle Crashers Knight

Fight with cuteness!

♥ 2
Chikorita Plushie

Chikorita Plushie

Another Plushie from Wolfdreamer's patterns...

♥ 2
Felt Something

Felt Something

Cute unique valentine's gifts

♥ 26


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