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Plumsted Township, New Jersey, US
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Just a little something to remind me of the ones I love <3

So I've wanted a locket for quite some time now, and I finally ended up getting one! I bought my locket at (insert your local craft store here) AC Moore but I'm sure Micheals or any other craft store will have similar lockets in the bead/jewelry sections. The locket can be expensive... mine was about $10 but that's what you might pay for a necklace elsewhere anyways! :/

I had my own chain, which I put on after I finished putting my pictures in my locket. All you really need to do is, take the back of the locket off and trace it on the picture of your choice (make sure to print small!), then cut the picture out just inside of the lines. I was able to stick it in the back of the locket without any glue or tape, nice and easy! Then I added my little quote to top it off and tada!~~~The locket you've always wanted <3



Pearl Cage Pendent

Pearl Cage Pendent

pearl cage pendent

♥ 18
"Studded" Rhinestone Bottlecap Pendant

"Studded" Rhinestone Bottlecap Pendant

Rocker - glam necklace for those who want, but don't have studs

♥ 107
Cheap Origami Owl Locket

Cheap Origami Owl Locket

An origami owl locket that doesn't cost a thing

♥ 2
Flower Pendant

Flower Pendant

This is a beginners project with needle tatting.

♥ 27
Swirly Butterfly Pendant

Swirly Butterfly Pendant

Swirls always give a classy touch!

♥ 10
Vintage Copper Necklace

Vintage Copper Necklace

a great accessory to add to you wardrobe!

♥ 13



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