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Bellevue, Washington, US
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Recycle Jeans for Fun Wall hanging

We had a huge blank wall at the country kitchen.I have a growing son so recycled his old jeans and stash findings for this project.
I used a sewing machine but have since created one using fabric glue (a cool new find)
I made this in vertical strips of jeans about 8" and sewed onto an old sheet as a backing.I also left rivets in design and applied more beads to catch the light
The moon is free machine embroidery with bead applique on white fleece.This allows it to be moved until final position and hand applied.
Have fun and experiment with different landscapes



  1. 1

    1.Old sheet or background fabric
    Collect together old jeans/denim
    Spare white fleece
    Greens for landscape

    2.Construct crazy quilt strips of denim
    Make your landscape

    3.Moon-Make your moon use your favorite techniques of fabric/beading or explore new one's.I used a dinner place as a template and just played with free machine embroidery and then beaded it.

    4.Sew/glue together.
    I had a new sewing machine so this was a great time experimentation.I used vertical lines and machined over some metallic thread to add sparkle.

    You can make this project as complex or as quickly as you would like-but above all have fun !

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