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Arm Pit of Canada, Ontario, Canada
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My many many paper stars.

Yes I made them all, yes the jar is 100% full of JUST stars.
Over the last few months I just made stars, watching TV, i made stars, Sitting, i made stars, reading, I made stars.

Perhaps ill get a new jar.



Lucky Paper Stars

Lucky Paper Stars

lucky paper stars. great for a gift

♥ 6
Money Shuriken (Ninja Star)

Money Shuriken (Ninja Star)

Actually, you shouldn't throw this money at people.

♥ 45
Origami Stars

Origami Stars

Little teeny weeny origami stars that are very cute!

♥ 134
Postcard Star

Postcard Star

Travel Origami

♥ 1
Origami Stars

Origami Stars

Lucky Stars

♥ 54
Lucky Star Paper

Lucky Star Paper

i always seem to run out of star paper when i want to make them!!!!!!!!!

♥ 9



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