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From boring to Fab!

My bestie has had this mirror since she was a little girl and it wasn't working in our crazy collection apartment.
She was going to pitch it, but I said NO! I will turn it into something awesome.

Since I have started working at my 'real job' as a receptionist, I have been collecting the cancelled postage stamps from the mail.

I am also a huge ModgePodge Freak! SO *Lightbulb* I will decopauge the mirror frame with stamps and turn it on its side to make it look like a tag.

I glued one a felt ring and some chunky red yarn using Tacky Glue.

Mosaic Cd Mirror

Mosaic Cd Mirror

Recycle your CD's

♥ 455
Junk Mosaic Mirror

Junk Mosaic Mirror

use up lots of bits and bobs to make a mosaic mirror

♥ 2
Dresser Mirror Turn Bathroom Mirror

Dresser Mirror Turn Bathroom Mirror

Take an old dreser mirror and give it new life!

♥ 1
Wood Shim Starburst Mirror

Wood Shim Starburst Mirror

Sometimes cheap can be chic.

♥ 17
Industrial/Steampunk Mirror

Industrial/Steampunk Mirror

Make over a cheap mirror to give it a cool industrial aprearance

♥ 22
Add An Image To A Mirror

Add An Image To A Mirror

How to add an image to a mirror

♥ 19


Cupcake girl
Cupcake girl · U.S. Air Force Academy, Colorado, US · 28 projects

That is so totally awesome! I love it!

Char P.
Char P. · Australia, AU · 4 projects

cool style Happy

Vanna · Santa Barbara, California, US · 2 projects


Dolly · 26 projects

Soooo cool! I love it!

Cat Morley
Cat Morley · Edinburgh, Scotland, GB · 1165 projects

This is awesome, I really like it.

Knittin' Kitten
Knittin' Kitten · Liverpool, England, GB · 31 projects

That's WICKED!


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