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U.S. Air Force Academy, Colorado, US
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Spiffy spring bracelet.

The spring was in all the radio parts my dad had left over, so I took it XD. I'm a pack rat of electronic goodies lol. I just put some jump rings on either end of the spring and connected them to a spare chain i had laying around.

Coin Bracelet

Coin Bracelet

jingle jangle

♥ 2
Silver Bracelets

Silver Bracelets

dangling from your wrists

♥ 3
Super Cool Bat Bracelet

Super Cool Bat Bracelet

This curved bat sits just right on your wrist, ready to fly. We love him in his natural naked brass finish but you can patina him with heat or use a painted patina.

♥ 35
Metal Bracelet

Metal Bracelet

metal bracelet

♥ 222
Sequin Bracelet

Sequin Bracelet

A sparkly bracelet to go with anything!

♥ 26
Cut Out And Keep Bracelet

Cut Out And Keep Bracelet

supporting the site

♥ 9


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