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A stunning necklace for a special occasion on a Summer evening.



  1. Step 1 1

    Cut approximately 2 metres of Nymo. Thread the needle and pull through until ends of thread meet. Double length gives extra strength to this weighty necklace. In this project, opaque black rocailles are the inside beads and rainbow iridescent black rocailles are the outside beads. String 1 opaque black rocaille onto the thread and loop through it again, leaving a 15cm tail. Then thread on 4 more opaque black rocailles.

  2. Step 2 2

    Thread 1 iridescent black rocaille, 1 AB bead, 1 iridescent black rocaille, 1 more AB bead and 1 more iridescent black rocaille.

  3. Step 3 3

    Bring your needle once again through the first 5 opaque black rocailles you threaded on. This will form a curve of outside colour (iridescent black rocailles and AB beads) and a straight line of 5 opaque black rocailles.

  4. Step 4 4

    Next pick up 1 opaque black rocaille and the set of outside colour beads (1 iridescent black rocaille, 1 AB bead, 1 iridescent black rocaille, 1 AB bead, 1 iridescent black rocaille). Then take the needle through the last 5 opaque black rocailles you added (i.e. not the first rocaille). After each curve of outside colour beads push the curve up above the opaque black rocailles. This will ensure each ensuing curve keeps the spiral neat and in order.

  5. Step 5 5

    Repeat step 4 until your spiral rope is as long as required. You will need to add extra thread fairly regularly while making your spiral rope. Here’s how: When you have approximately 7cm of thread left cut off the thread close to the eye of the needle. Thread the needle with 2 metres of new thread. Using your 7cm of old thread, tie a very loose knot leaving the loop open. Place the tail end of your new thread inside the loose loop of the old one. Use a separate needle inside the loose loop to slide the knot tightly up against the last of the inside colour rocailles. You now have a total of 4 threads approximately 7cm long in 2 pairs. Knot these 2 pairs together tightly. The ends can then be threaded back through a few beads before trimming any excess.

  6. Step 6 6

    When your spiral rope is done add your clasp. Pass the needle through the loop on one side of the clasp then thread the needle back (right to left) through 4 or 5 opaque black rocailles. Then go outside the last rocaille and back in to thread through the last opaque black rocaille (left to right) and then through the clasp again. Repeat three or four times to ensure the clasp is secure. Finish off your thread by going backwards and forwards through a few beads before trimming off any excess. Do the same on the other end of the necklace

  7. Step 7 7

    Your finished item

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