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Pretty Easy

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californiaaa, California, United States
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spiffy duct tape tie!

okay so i have to say that duct tape is oh so nify and i basically make everything with them and it just so happens to be my favorite tie!


You Will Need

Almost Nothing

  1. 1

    cut two pieces of 8"duct tape
    and face the sticky side up

  2. 2

    then cut 2 more 8" duct tape and put it on top of the sticky side on the 1st step

  3. 3

    Cut the fabric into a desired tie shape. and add a 1 9" duct tape to the end for your neck

  4. How to make a neck tie. Spiffy Tie Out Of Duct Tape! - Step 4 4

    Decorate with stripes, polka dots or different colors of tape.

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