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Sample Project From Face Food Recipes

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Web-slinging spidey

Spiderman's big entry into pop-culture Japan was a weird and very un-Spiderman tokusatsu series that aired in the late seventies, alongside Ultraman and Karmer Rider

This charaben is an excellent example of how three-dimensional images can be achieved through a layering of ingredients.

From the book Face Food Recipes by Christopher D Salyers. Read our review here.



Extract from

Face Food Recipes by Christopher D. Salyers

Published by Mark Batty

Face Food Recipes builds on the already successful Face Food by giving the public what it has been asking for most: descriptive how-to guides for making charaben bentos at home! Face Food Recipes pairs each bento with an illustrated guide, in Paint-by-Numbers style, showing the reader how to assemble these adorable little visual lunches. With ingredient lists, cooking and preparation instructions, a how-to glossary covering basic Japanese bento terms and even a fancy ribbon page marker, Face Food Recipes will help American moms and dads mimic their favorite charaben designs (or have tons of fun trying).

© 2015 Christopher D. Salyers / Mark Batty · Reproduced with permission.




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