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Give your old socks a new life with some love and leftover yarn!

During the winter, I always wear thick knitted socks. Socks these days have a rough life, grinding against the inside of slightly too big shoes (they need to be big otherwise you wont stay warm) and in the end, they break. Mine always break at the heels. I can't throw stuff away (which is a curse, just ask my family) so I decided to redo a pair of old socks into spats. Why? Because I love spats. And because I wanted to know if it was possible. It was.

I finished off the raw edge by crocheting around it and I decorated some as well. I had to try and fix some of the heel by stitching, hence the slightly pink heels. If your socks is less broken, it might take around two hours. Mine did take longer because of the stitching.

The pictures are taken by my sister. On the full body picture you can see how I have matched the spats with other projects I've made.

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