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Nice 'n' Simple
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Almost Nothing

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Named after the desert sky :)

I have been restructuring a lot of t-shirts into something, well, cuter, and I love working with fabric so much that it felt natural to incorporate it into the jewelry I wear as well!

These very unique, edgy and orginal earrings are named after the most beautiful part of living in the desert: gooorgeous sunsets. When not making earrings, I'm generally out trying to capture every shade the sky produces at sundown :)


Hemp Earrings

Hemp Earrings

trying something new =]

♥ 26
Wool Earrings

Wool Earrings

new unique earrings :)

♥ 12
Wire Wrapped Earrings

Wire Wrapped Earrings

Wire Wrapped Earrings

♥ 6
French Loop Earrings

French Loop Earrings

an elegant and tasteful pair of earrings

♥ 114
Woven Black Ribbon Chain Earrings

Woven Black Ribbon Chain Earrings

Equal parts hard and soft, these earrings go great with everything - especially black!

♥ 93
Rose's Earrings

Rose's Earrings

Be creative with wire

♥ 15



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