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Nice 'n' Simple

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Port of Spain, Port of Spain, TT
Square small seahorse  2
Square small angry birds edit
Square small bohemian bag   2  1314620106
Square small feather hairclip 1314619438
sock pigs

I made these for my boyfriend for christmas....i couldnt find a pattern online so i came up with these through trial and error. They were white tube socks which i dyed pink and painted the faces on with acrylic paints. the tails have tiny pieces of wire in them to make them coil n stuff :)



Desk Piggy

Desk Piggy

a fun friend

♥ 6
Mr. Pig And Mrs. Piggy

Mr. Pig And Mrs. Piggy

pig sock pink animal

♥ 12
Peppa Pig

Peppa Pig

A birthday present for a little girl. Can be George or Peppa.

♥ 11
Year Of The Pigs

Year Of The Pigs

Amigurumi pig head!

♥ 8
Austin The Pig

Austin The Pig

My first well-made plushie :3

♥ 5
Sock Piggies

Sock Piggies

Quick Sock Creation

♥ 21



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