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Version This project is a version of Sock Monkeys by moonfae

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Wylie, Texas, United States
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Based on Sock Monkeys by moonfae

I LOVED the toe sock monkey moonfae did so much I just HAD to do one for myself! Took me a little longer, but I hadn't made a sock monkey since middle school. I had to stuff mine with cotton balls, so he's kinda lumpy... :\ but he's just for show on a towel rack in my bathroom so it's all good :P


Ami Monkey

Ami Monkey

Crochet a monkey plushie.

♥ 109
Suffolk Puff Monkey

Suffolk Puff Monkey

I made this monkey using a updated version of an old pattern. This is something my nan used to do with my mum when she was a little girl, so we did this one together (mainly because I'm still learning to use a sewing machine) He was made for my nephew, but I love him soooo much he may not reach him.

♥ 4
Classic Sock Monkey

Classic Sock Monkey

prime minister of the cult of personality

♥ 3
Vintage Sock Monkey

Vintage Sock Monkey

monkeys with a twist

♥ 11
Sock Monkey

Sock Monkey

Sock monkey

♥ 236
Sock Monkey

Sock Monkey

one little cheeky monkey

♥ 16



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