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Nice 'n' Simple

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Easy bag made from embroidery floss scraps

Small crochet bag made with scraps of embroidery floss (hence all the little knots here and there. I really enjoyed making this because although it took some time, it's very simple and it looks cute. I only sewed a long rectangle, folded it and crocheted the sides together (with a basic chain stitch). Then made a small chain with more floss for the button. Add another chain for the handle which I then stitched with a good ol' thread and needle several times for reinforcement.
I plan on making another one in the future with some nice color palettes.



Little Bangle Bag!

Little Bangle Bag!

A pretty handy bag (no hands required!!), especially when riding a bike in the city!

♥ 4
Wrist Cuff Pockets

Wrist Cuff Pockets

for ppl that hate a purse when out dancing

♥ 76
Yellow Pouchet

Yellow Pouchet

Love for fusing plastic bags

♥ 0
Vintage Pattern Wristlet

Vintage Pattern Wristlet

fun little purse

♥ 34
Pillowcase Purse!

Pillowcase Purse!

Got a pretty pillowcase with potential? Turn it into a purse!

♥ 3


colorfull wristlets

♥ 41



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